Improve Your Business Significantly with Bottleneck Analysis -AKL

Type: Workshop

Location: Auckland

This two-day workshop introduces the Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts to attendees to give them a strong grasp of its application and potential.  Covering TOC for operations, project management, logistics and making financial decisions, this workshop is enhanced through practical case studies, and design templates for practical application.  After the workshop, we’ll also offer attendees the support to implement TOC concepts into their organisation via our trained HERA facilitators.


Why attend?

This workshop demonstrates how TOC can lift productivity through systems thinking – so you can significantly improve delivery time, production lead time, cost, quality and excellence.  TOC is a systems approach for the fabrication, construction, manufacturing, asset management and maintenance industries.  It challenges some of the root beliefs that drives current measures and behaviours and offers powerful alternatives to existing methods.

It’ll demonstrate why and how it’s possible for the same factory, infrastructure, people and equipment to produce at least 20% more by doing things differently.  Ultimately, attendees will be challenged to change the way they think, plan, measure and execute their operations.  The physical work will be the same, but the way it is streamlined will be different.

Significant improvements have been demonstrated around the world – and this shift and trend is growing rapidly.  If you’re searching for significant value add achieved with far less stress and pressure for all – then this course is for you!

Who should attend?

This course is suited for Business and/or Operational Leaders; Financial, Planning, Training, Technical Services, Sales, People or Quality Assurance Managers; as well as Operational Supervisors.

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Date: Monday 10 June
RSVP: Monday 3 June
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: HERA House, 17-19 Gladding Place, Manukau.