Industry 4.0 in Action – The Gallagher Experience So Far

Type: Workshop

Location: Hamilton

Gallagher Group Ltd and The Manufacturers’ Network invite manufacturing EMA members in the Waikato and beyond to an Industry 4.0 workshop.  Gallagher have been implementing digital manufacturing technologies to improve productivity and quality in their factory for a while now, including robotics.  They are also increasingly using digital connectivity to improve their products and services.  Come and hear their experience with the use of these technologies, and share your own insights!  The event will include a tour of their Hamilton factory and will include morning tea and networking with your peers.

Having merged our operations with the EMA, The Manufacturers’ Network is keen to extend our collaboration with manufacturers in the Waikato region, which keeps growing its role as a critical part of New Zealand’s manufacturing heartland.  The main focus of our activities will be our Factory Floor workshops, which focus on discussing a specific issue, illustrated and supported by a factory visit.  Attendance is limited to EMA members who are active manufacturers.  If you already are a member of the EMA, you can sign up to a membership in our Network at no cost.

We recommend that you register early for this event.  To maximise the benefits for those attending, we organise these workshops as a discussion around a single table, so spaces are limited.





Date: Tuesday 6 August
RSVP: Tuesday 30 July
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Venue: Gallagher Group, 181 Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton