How to Make the Most of Your NZMEA Membership

1 September 2016

At the NZMEA, we believe some of the most valuable and unique benefits of membership are the opportunities to access shared information and knowledge, as well events to network with and learn from your peers – real manufacturers and exporters, working to grow just like you, who face many of the same challenges.

For many of our members, we directly speak to and send information to a key contact, often the Managing Director or Chief Executive of the company. The information and event invitations we send out are then often shared to relevant people within that members company. This sharing of information throughout your business is a key to getting the most out of your NZMEA membership.

We understand the realities of manufacturing – it’s a complicated game to stay ahead in, and what is important (or urgent) one day, might not be the same the next. As a consequence, and depending on the size of your business, different managers, departments and employees are often focused on very different thinks.

A managing director or CEO might be focussed on longer-term plans, or financial planning, an operations manager focused on the day-to-day running of the business, while other members of the team are working to improve health and safety in the workplace, innovation and more. Because of this delegated focus across businesses, different events, training, workshops, or information that the NZMEA can provide will be relevant to different people at different times.

I want to encourage our members to get their staff involved, share information within your business and encourage staff to make the most of events, networking and learning opportunities. There are already numerous members who do this well. If there is any of your staff that does not currently receive our emails, and you would like to have them added, just send an email through to with their email address.

As a reminder, here are some other services that come with NZMEA membership that can help your business:

We are forever evolving and looking for new ways to help our members and improve the range and quality of services and support we provide. Part of this is always talking to and getting feedback from members – if you have any thoughts, comments or ideas, do not hesitate to contact the NZMEA at or by calling 0800 353 2540.