Internet of Manufacturing Trek 2018

7 March 2018

Callaghan Innovation, in collaboration with The Manufacturers' Network and the EMA are running a study tour to the United States for manufacturers to study new technology - the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), also known as Industry 4.0. 

This is a follow-on from the study tour to Germany we organised, together with Callaghan Innovation, last year. The difference is that this time interest from manufacturers to participate is much bigger than last year. We take that as confirmation that interest in what we could broadly describe as the introduction of digital connectedness (or networking) into the wider manufacturing sector in New Zealand is growing rapidly.

More than that, we also see that the number of companies who are taking first steps to implement such technologies in their own factories is growing, and we’ll showcase an example of that at EMEX, too. What we are not seeing yet, unfortunately, are any moves by our government to ‘join the movement’ -  certainly not on the scale we can see in Australia, let alone Europe’s manufacturing economies, other than their support through Callaghan Innovation, for example for these study tours. We shall keep talking to the Government about that.

For our manufacturers to remain globally competitive, they will have to exploit the opportunities for productivity improvements, for example, that their international competitors take advantage of. And that will be much harder to achieve when they receive little or no specific government support for accessing and harnessing those new digital technologies, while their competitors overseas do.

This trip will involve visting the Internet of Manufacturing Conference in Chicago and a number of side visits to see leading US factories involved in implementing this technology.  At this stage we have visits scheduled to Haas Automation and Dagri in Los Angeles, as well as the Trumpf Chicago Smart Factory and UI Labs, an innovation centre for manufacturing in Chicago.

Those who take part in this trip will: Internet of Manufacturing Trek 2018

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