NZMEA's new name: The Manufacturers' Network

20 September 2017

The NZMEA (New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association) has a proud history of supporting New Zealand manufacturers since 1879.

Today, manufacturing in New Zealand faces many challenges. Manufacturers need to hold their own and want to grow their business in an increasingly interconnected and highly competitive global environment. Whether it’s through exporting or competing with imports, it’s all about remaining globally competitive! To achieve that, manufacturers need to overcome a chronic shortage of people with the right technical and leadership skills, manage to improve productivity through the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies that are evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and still operate in environment where an overvalued exchange rate eats into their margins.

Before this background, we felt it was time to signal more clearly through our name what the focus of our organisation is. Our motto remains the same: We Support – We Connect – We Speak Up. As many of my conversations with members and others interested in becoming a member have confirmed, that is and should be the order of priority, and a lot of the ‘Support’ happens through the connections we make. Connecting members with other members through MEAssist (to be known as Network Assist from now on) and our Factory Floor workshops, for example, or connecting members with experts in various areas through our Leadership Network events, or the study tour to Germany we organised earlier this year, for example. In other words, we are and act as The Manufacturers’ Network – and that’s exactly what we are going to call ourselves from now on!


We are a group of globally competitive New Zealand manufacturers who want to grow their business, and New Zealand’s economy, through collaboration, innovation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and ADVANCING MANUFACTURING FOR NEW ZEALAND is what we stand for.

We make stuff - real, tangible, lasting products that contribute significantly to a strong New Zealand economy. And through that, we are making New Zealand what it is today, and pointing to the future of what New Zealand can be tomorrow.

As a nation, we need to “get off the grass” and increase the value of our exports. That won’t happen without the contribution from a strong and growing manufacturing sector, producing and export-ing sophisticated, high-value products and services to the world.