Future of Work Forum Endorse Skills Shift Pilot Programme

2 August 2018

Today, at the Future of Work Tripartite Forum’s first meeting, the group endorsed a proposal by The Manufacturers’ Network to run a pilot programme investigating the Skills Shift in the manufacturing sector.

“We are very pleased and excited that the Future of Work Forum has endorsed our pilot programme on addressing the Skills Shift in manufacturing.  This is a great opportunity to gain some early practical insight into how we can meet the challenge of adapting to changing technology in the manufacturing sector and effectively work with our people to ensure everybody’s skills to keep up with rapidly changing requirements. The lessons learnt in this process can act as a blueprint for how other sectors in our economy can successfully manage these challenges.” Said Dr Dieter Adam, Chief Executive of The Manufacturers’ Network.

“Manufacturing has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies that will require changing and new skills of our people in the coming years – this is an opportunity for our sector to improve productivity and gain new competitiveness in an ever changing global environment.

“The manufacturing sector is best-placed to serve as an example as to how we can adapt to these technological changes, such as the increasing use of automation, digital technologies and artificial intelligence, and provide opportunities for people to gain skills that our sector will need to grow. This includes developing better ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, communication and collaboration in the work place, as well as a renewed focus on much improved workplace relations.” says Dr Adam.

“This pilot will bring together parts of the manufacturing, education, union and government sectors, along with existing knowledge from overseas experts who have been working in the area of networked manufacturing and developing associated training programmes. It builds on work The Manufacturers’ Network has already been engaged in, together with other business and government organisations, to help our members remain globally competitive by adopting digital technologies, often referred to as Industry 4.0, in a smart way.

“I would like to thank all the members of the Future of Work Tripartite Forum for endorsing and supporting this Skills Shift project.  The project sits alongside other initiatives by the Future of Work Forum and will contribute to ensuring that our economy can adapt to the challenges ahead. This is about creating opportunities out of change to improve productivity and outcomes for businesses, their employees and our economy as a whole.”  Says Dr Adam.