MEActive - November 2016

30 November 2016


We are excited to announce that our new NZMEA website has now gone live.  You can check it out at the same address:

We believe the new website gives the NZMEA a more up-to-date and positive front face, while also offering a more usable website with additional features.  Over the coming weeks, more content and information will be added.  We welcome any feedback and thoughts from members on the new website – what’s good, what’s bad, what’s missing?  The new website gives us the ability to make changes to the site in-house, where previously we had very limited ability to do so. 

The website is mobile friendly, adapting to view on most devices, as is our new email system.

The new website is organised under three main categories, which outline the three main areas of work that the NZMEA undertakes to support and represent our vibrant manufacturing and exporting industry in New Zealand. 

We Support
Under We Support, you can find all of the member services that the NZMEA offers, such as free Certificates of Origin for members, HR Assist, Member Rewards.  You can also find NZMEA Projects, which lists the work we are doing to improve conditions for manufacturers.

We Connect
We Connect holds the various events the NZMEA runs, including training, forums and our Leaders’ Network events, where you can hear from a knowledgeable speaker and network with your manufacturing peers.  Knowledgebase is an area for relevant information we have for manufacturers – this is organised into categories and also has a search function to find what you are looking for.  We are now adding your MEAssist responses to the knowledgebase, where members have asked questions of our manufacturing membership.

We Speak Up
We Speak Up contains our news and articles, including our regular media releases representing manufacturers’ views on issues that matter.  Also listed are the submissions we undertake to Government, making sure the views and concerns of manufacturers are represented in areas of policy.

One new feature to this website is the ability for us to add content to a section accessible only to NZMEA members.  This will allow us to add extra information that is of use to our manufacturing members, such as MEAssist responses.  Most of this content can be found under various categories in the Knowledgebase section of the new site. 

In the coming weeks we will be sending out login details to each member company.  We have the option of either just giving access to specific emails for each company, or giving access to anyone with an email address registered to your company’s domain.  If you would like to give access to all your staff, please let Kieran know:

We would also like to thank those member companies that allowed us to take photos of their premises to use on the new website.  We wanted the new website to give a better picture of what manufacturing in New Zealand is like, and having these images of real Kiwi manufacturers is a huge help.

2016 Wage & Salary Survey - Engineering
The NZMEA's 2016 Engineering Wage and Salary Survey is now open for responses. We would appreciate you taking a few moments to complete our online survey.

SAVE THE DATE... Inaugural Manufacturing and Design Conference, 10-11 May 2017
A National Conference for Innovation in Manufacturing and Design. Held in Auckland, this is an exciting opportunity to consolidate, connect and collaborate with the New Zealand Manufacturing and Design (MaD) network at the inaugural manufacturing and design conference. You are invited to become an active member of this cross-disciplinary researcher network, focussed on New Zealand’s manufacturing economy of the future. Click here for more information.

Revised Harmonised System (HS Codes) - 1 January 2017
Every five years the World Customs Organization (WCO) revises the Harmonized System (HS) to improve it and accommodate advances in technology and changes in the patterns of world trade. The latest edition of the HS, which is due to take effect from 1 January 2017 has been released. Click here to view this Customs Release.

The events page on our website has more information on upcoming events. Click here to view our upcoming events or see below.

South Island

12 December

Invitation to NZMEA Leaders' Network - Christchurch

Where the NZMEA have been reported over the past month.


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Media releases submitted by the NZMEA during October.  Click here to read the latest media releases.



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26 October

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Click here to read the latest edition of NZ Manufacturer Magazine online for free.

The NZMEA has been approached by Doug Green, editor of NZ Manufacturer magazine.  Doug is wanting to write articles under a section called Rural Manufacturing. If you are outside of the main centres or related to rural sectors and would like to be interviewed for an article please contact the NZMEA and we will pass your details on to Doug to contact you directly.



The above graph shows the breakdown of export income between the ICT sector and High-tech manufacturing.  In terms of exports, high-tech manufacturing plays a much bigger role than ICT sector exports, over double the level of export income.  Improving manufacturing, both high-tech and across all levels of complexity, is key to improve New Zealand’s export performance. 

For more graphs related to manufacturing and exporting, as well a large collection of data on New Zealand presented in a simple visual way, visit