The NZMEA has changed its name! We're now The Manufacturers' Network

4 October 2017

The NZMEA (New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association) has a proud history of supporting New Zealand manufacturers since 1879. Today, manufacturing in New Zealand faces many challenges. Manufacturers need to hold their own and want to grow their business in an increasingly interconnected and highly competitive global environment. Whether it’s through exporting or competing with imports, it’s all about remaining globally competitive! To achieve that, manufacturers need to overcome a chronic shortage of people with the right technical and leadership skills.

They need to improve productivity through the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies that are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. And they still need to cope with an overvalued exchange rate that eats into their margins.

Before this background, we felt it was time to signal more clearly through our name what the focus of our organisation is. Our motto remains the same: We Support – We Connect – We Speak Up. As many of my conversations with members and others interested in becoming a member have confirmed, that is the right order of priority, and a lot of the ‘Support’ happens through the connections we make. Connecting members with other members through workshops, factory visits and other peer-to-peer learning platforms, for example, or connecting members with experts in various areas through our Leadership Network events, or the study tours like the one to Germany we organised earlier this year. In other words, we are and act as The Manufacturers’ Network – and that’s exactly what we are going to call ourselves from now on

Our new name highlights the core aspect of what our organisation is about – creating a network of manufacturers who can share knowledge and experience to help our industry grow and thrive in New Zealand.  We also provide networking opportunities and events to meet your fellow manufacturers while hearing from an experienced speaker.

One such event is coming up on Monday, 16 October – with a special post-election forum by Newsroom’s Bernard Hickey.  

We’ve had an election, but at this stage don’t know the ultimate outcome yet. Even once the new coalition arrangement has been confirmed, it will be a while until we find out what economic policies the new government intends to pursue. Will this matter for your manufacturing business?  We know that government policies certainly can have an impact on manufacturers’ profitability – immigration, support for R&D, RMA, workplace safety, to mention but a few.

This is not going to be a dry, academic treatment of the matter. Bernard is an engaging and dynamic speaker with a real depth of knowledge of economic issues. He has both a broad and extensive knowledge of economic policy and politics, and is perfectly placed to provide valuable insight into the impact of government polices following coalition negotiations.

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