About The Manufacturers' Network

Advancing Manufacturing for New Zealand

The Manufacturers’ Network is a group of globally competitive New Zealand manufacturers who want to grow their business, and New Zealand’s economy, through collaboration, innovation and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Backed by 137 years of knowledge, we’re leading our sector into the future.

Ambitious and goal-oriented, our manufacturers’ are driven by the desire to be the best of the best – and see international competitors not as their idols, but rivals. Confident and proud, the products speak for themselves, and help showcase our innovative edge – proving our capability to achieve the best results at home in New Zealand.

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Formation and History

The Manufacturers' Network was previously known as The New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA), which formed through the merger of the Canterbury Manufacturers’ Association and the New Zealand Engineers Federation in 2007.

The Manufacturers' Network Council and CEO Forum is elected from the Chief Executive, General Manager or equivalent level of manufacturing and exporting enterprises. The Council and CEO Forum authorises policy, approves all major decisions of the Network and elects a Board from their number to deal with the day to day governance of the organisation. Officers are appointed from the Board.

Each President serves a two year term having served two years each as Vice President and Junior Vice President. The President also serves two years as Immediate Past President: a process that creates stable senior governance.